Glass container with approx. 500 turmeric caplets. Enough for almost 2 months of consumption at the recommended daily dose.

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  • 100% natural turmeric pressed into caplets
  • Consists of a unique blend of three different turmeric varieties: Spring, Autumn, and Violet turmeric, which according to Traditional Japanese herbal medicine works synergistically. This means that the 3 varieties strengthen and complement each other optimally in terms of effect and bioavailability
  • The turmeric mixture is fermented. During the fermentation, e.g. a concentration of the active substance curcumin, while increasing bioavailability because fermented curcumin is more easily absorbed in the intestine;
  • Contains effective curcumin in natural form.
  • NO preservatives, coagulants, or additives
  • KIN UKON can be taken daily as a dietary supplement without any problems and without side effects. Recommended daily dose: 10-15 pcs. turmeric caplets

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