Premium Turmeric Supplements from
Okinawa • Japan

100% natural and fermented turmeric


Premium turmeric

Premium turmeric Traditional dietary supplement From Okinawa – Japan 50 g / approx. 500 caplets - Enough for almost 2 months of consumption at the recommended daily dose of 10 caplets.

Ingredients Amounts per recommended daily dose: 10 caplets
Autumn turmeric (curcuma longa) NutrientAmount Reference intake
Spring turmeric (curcuma aromatica) Curcumin 58,00 mg -
Purple turmeric (curcuma zedoaria) Iron 2,03 mg 15 -

100% natural turmeric. The product is fermented, sun-dried and produced without the addition of preservatives or coagulants.

250,00 kr.

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One and only turmeric supplement in Japan without additives. 

  • 100% natural turmeric pressed into caplets.
  • Unique mixture of three different varieties of turmeric: Spring, Autumn, and Purple Turmeric. Which has an synergistic effect. This means that the varieties reinforce and complement each other optimally in terms of bioavailability.
  • The turmeric mixture is fermented. This creates among other benefits, an increase of the ingredient curcumin, while at the same time its absorption in the intestine is optimized.
  • Contains curcumin in natural form. NO preservatives, coagulants or additives.

ECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: Adults are recommended to take 10 caplets a day. If required, up to 3 x 10 caplets may be taken daily. Do not exceed the recommended maximum daily dose of 30 caplets.

Caplets should be taken with water.

For further optimized absorption, KIN UKON can be taken with a fatty meal. More information about this under BIOVAILABILITY .

Food supplements are not a substitue for a balanced and varied diet. Store in cool, dry conditions.

Bio product

Premium gurkemeje kosttilskud fra Okinawa • Japan
100% natural and fermented turmeric.

Pesticides are NOT used in the cultivation of turmeric. Turmeric is a very strong (phytochemical) plant, which is why there are no problems with insects, for example. In Okinawa, turmeric is even planted as an insecticide on the fields because the powerful phytochemicals of the turmeric root keep the insects/creepy crawlies away.

This is common knowledge in Japan and the reason why there is no organic certificate, on the Kin Ukon turmeric.

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I love Kin Ukon and I think that my friends, for whom I now order, will be just as excited!


„A friend gave me the wonderful turmeric caplets and I am very enthusiastic. A great product.. I take 15 every day ;)“


I'm back with an order. I don't know...never EVER have I been holding on to anything, as I have with your turmeric (and my husband ;))


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