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Back in 2015, I first discovered the turmeric root, when my Japanese friend gave me a glass of turmeric caplets. She had brought them from Okinawa, the Japanese island where this turmeric is produced with greatest care.

After consuming the turmeric from Okinawa, I felt: LOVE at first try 💚

As time passed, I realized that turmeric had come to stay in my life. The only problem was that it was difficult and expensive to get the turmeric caplets sent from Okinawa/Japan. I therefore bought and tested all different turmeric products I could find, hoping to find a similar quality product. I didn't succeed! My journey in the turmeric universe enriched me with a study in turmeric and my enthusiasm grew. At the same time the interest from friends and acquaintances who also wanted to try the turmeric caplets from Okinawa increased.

I therefore decided to take matters into my own hands: Get a deal with the Japanese manufacturer. It turned out to be easier thought than done. Actually, it took two years and many creative attempts until I could convince the Japanese manufacturer to enter into a partnership with me. So I didn’t hesitate jumping on a plane to Okinawa when he said “come” ... Today it's a great pleasure for me to be able to offer this premium turmeric from Okinawa in Europe

Since 2017, when I made the deal with the Japanese producer, Kin Ukon has excited many users in Germany, where I lived until 2021. Now I have returned home to Denmark and I am excited being able to offer Kin Ukon to the Danish people as well. Miriam from Munich takes care that the many regular and new Kin Ukon users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are sent their Kin Ukon.

The foundation of Kin Ukon is based on 100% product conviction. The positive feedback from users creates great joy and motivation. Thanks for that.


In Japan, this turmeric is sold under a different label, but I have chosen the label KIN UKON. It is Japanese and means "GOLD TURMERIC".

Best wishes,

Karen Foxdal

Premium gurkemeje kosttilskud fra Okinawa • Japan 100% naturlig og fermenteret gurkemeje